Grund- und Mittelschule Pfeffenhausen

Welcome to Pfeffenhausen Grund- und Mittelschule

A warm welcome to Pfeffenhausen Primary School and Pfeffenhausen Secondary School.

We are a small rural school, which has a wonderful family atmosphere because the staff know the children well and children of all ages (6 to 15 years) learn and play together.


Head of School/Headmaster: Mrs Gabriele Lechner


Vice Head of School/Vice Headmaster: Mrs Alexander Schuster-Grill


Non Teaching Staff:

Secretary: Mrs Carmen Popp

Caretaker: Mr Christian Huber

Head of noon team/lunch supervisor: Mrs Claudia Rauhmeier


Social worker: Mrs Sandra Hitl (8.30 – 12.30)


Learning Support/Teaching Assistance

Mrs Jana Schwindl

Mr Helmut Weiß


A school day

The school day starts at 8.00 am. The children should arrive after 7.30 am, as we are unable to supervise children before this time. Children remain the responsibility of their parents until the school gates are opened at 7.45 am when a member of staff will be on duty.




Attention!!!! Attention!!!! Attention!!!!

School starts at 8.00 am.

Your child is required to be in class by 7.45 am.

If your child is ill you are required to notify the school between 7.30 and 8.00 am on that day.

Phone: 08782/359


Children must come to school every day and a message must be sent if they are ill.


If your child’s absence is not explained by either note or phone, the school has to record it as unauthorised.

If your child is late, we have to call you or we have to inform the police!

This is in the interests of safety!



Offene Ganztagsschule

After school your child has the possibility to remain in school facilities to do homework, to have lunch, to spend time with other kids.

This offer includes supervision by pedagogues.

Kids can attend this program from Monday to Thursday.


There are different lunch options including vegetarian/no pork.


The School Day/Lessions in the morning


Registration in class room

7:45 am

Lession 1

8:00 to 8:45

Lession 2

8:45 to 9.30

Lession 3

9.30 to 10.15


10:15 to 10:40

Lession 4

10.40 to 11.25

Lession 5

11.25 to 12.10

Lession 6

12.10 to 12.55

Offene Ganztagsschule

11.25 or 12.10 or 13.00 to 16.00 


13.00 to 13:30


13.00 to 14.00


Home time

14.00 to 15:00



Contact us:


Grund- und Mittelschule Pfeffenhausen

Gaisberg 22

84076 Pfeffenhausen

Telephone: 08782 359